AC Coil Cleaning

Coil cleaning is without much doubt the most crucial component in maintaining air conditioning equipment yet the process if often overlooked. Improper coil cleaning or the total lack of coil cleaning might cause your air conditioning system to work inefficiently and an inefficient equipment translates to higher energy bills, higher repair bills and can shorten the life span of the equipment.

Our Coil Clean Service is the leading coil cleaning company and works for both medium and large corporate businesses in US. Our cleaning techniques are different from other cleaning companies. We use customized cleaning equipment built with the customer’s needs and requirements in mind. We understand that some coils might require conventional pressure washing equipment while others require specialized types of equipment. This is where we come in with an edge over the other cleaning companies. We can clean any type of air conditioning system back to the original factory status

Deep coil cleaning for HVAC heat Exchanger

Airborne debris and dust cause tremendous problems for air conditioning equipment and for mechanical air handling. The debris carried on internal and external air will foul surfaces of several mechanical components. Condenser and evaporator coils are intricate structures that are highly sensitive to clogging if left unshielded. Clogging might also occur deep inside the fins and coils. Over a long time, the clogging will cause reduction in the flow of air and poor thermal qualities.

Reduced Energy Costs

With the ever-increasing energy costs, it is vital for businesses to find ways of reducing their energy consumption. It may not be possible to lower energy costs but there are measures you can take to ascertain the performance of your equipment to an optimized level.

Chemical cleaning of heat exchanger coils and main chiller coils reduces energy bills and improves performance. ensures good installation of your air conditioning system and that their performance is up to the required standards.

Affirmed post cleaning services has years of experience in the air conditioning cleaning services. Our systematic cleaning procedures ensure that we leave functional equipment, clean and in an efficient state. We back our services with post and pre-cleaning verification reports that will show the increased efficiency of your cooling system. Our report outlines all measurements taken before and after the cleaning with a calculated approximation for the energy savings in a year based on the fan efficiency, size of the system, number of hours that the system is on and the unit prize of electricity.

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