How to extend the life of your Heating Furnace, Boiler & Pool heater!

Nothing lasts forever. It is a simple fact of life, and essential home appliances like your furnace, boiler, or even pool heater all fall into this category. There’s nothing worse than discovering you have no hot water, or your furnace decides the coldest day of the year is the perfect time to stop working. Despite this, there are always ways to help prevent these instances from occurring. Extending the life of your furnace, boiler and pool heater is something that you can do by simply being mindful.

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Whether you are residential or commercial, the first thing you can do to extend the life of these appliances is to keep them in good running condition. There’s a few ways you can do this. The first is to consult the manuals of these items and observe and follow the manufacturers recommended operating instructions and maintenance schedule. Never use them beyond what they were designed for.

Also, do not set them to operate in extreme conditions. For example, if it is very cold outside, do not set your furnace to high temperatures. It will run and run with little time for it to rest. Instead, set the thermostat for the late 60s, and if you are still cold, wear some warmer clothes. Running your equipment hard will reduce the life span of them.

But perhaps the most useful advice that can be given to extend the life of your furnace, boiler or pool heater is to schedule regular maintenance and services through your local servicing company. With expert technicians, regular cleaning and servicing of this equipment is probably the best way of extending their life cycles. Running the equipment until it fails is a false economy because you will normally need to get the equipment up and running quickly, and any parts the service company may not have to hand will have to order in specially and this can increase the cost. If the equipment is checked over twice a year, once before the season starts, and once again at the season end, then any issues can be easily resolved in plenty of time. Moreover, the service will include cleaning of certain parts, and keeping the equipment clean is one of the best ways of extending life.

So extending the life of your furnace, boiler and pool heater is quite simple; follow the manufacturers instructions, do not operate the equipment outside of recommended parameters, and most importantly, keep them regularly serviced and checked.