Routine AC Maintenance Saves You Money

AC-InstallationDid you know that most commercial buildings like banks, retail mails, office buildings and restaurants are cooled and heated by roof top air conditioning units?

Understanding Roof Top Units

Commercial property owners love Roof Air Conditioning systems due to their ability to keep large spaces cool efficiently. These units are designed for facilities that do not have space on the ground floor but have a flat roof that can accommodate a multi-ton HVAC system. But these systems also offer a number of advantages over Wall-mounted, window and central air conditioning units. Since cool air sinks naturally, and RTUs take advantage of this thereby minimizing the amount of work the system needs to do, keeping energy costs low.

Crucially, all moving parts of an RTU are kept together, which reduces the time and cost of troubleshooting and repair when anything goes wrong.

Local Roof Top AC Service

Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Inc. installs services and maintains packaged roof air conditioning units for many leading retail locations, restaurants and commercial buildings in Fort Lauderdale. We have developed good relationships with some of the most trusted A/C supplies manufacturers which we use to acquire a range of roof air conditioning units that employ the most energy efficient and innovative technology available in the market today. The Commercial AC Installation experts at Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Inc. liaise with facilities managers and building owners to select RTUs that are properly engineered to meet the building’s requirements, are affordable and energy efficient to provide you with the best possible return on investment.